16mm / Hi-8 / miniDV -

4 minutes 30 seconds

Music by Mihåly Vig.


Nightfall is a small tone poem.

More trance film (ala Maya Deren) than conventional nar-

rative,  it combines footage from Graham’s first film, Coda; video he shot in Italy with a camera loaned to him by Mary GrandPre; and excerpts from a Tarkovsky and Antonioni film.

All work copyright © 2018 Gregory Graham. All rights reserved.

2 or 3 Things I Know About Espresso

miniDV - 4 minutes

Music by John Powell.


Jeanne Dielman meets Jason Bourne in this blend of art house and action movie.

Do action movies rely on quick edits, shaky camera movements, and pulsating music and sound for their appeal?  What if the subject were a little more mundane...say a guy making a cup of coffee?


miniDV - 4 minutes

Music by Arvo Pärt and Luna.


Unreconciled is both a critique of /and homage to the art film.

Inspired by an essay on Jean- Luc Godard’s editing strate-gies,  this film mixes quotes from Albert Camus, John Szarkowski, and Judge Judy, amongst others.


miniDV - 2 minutes


Interstices documents an exhibition of paintings by Gregory Graham and Michael Schmidt at the Hopkins Center for the Arts during November 2011.

The Pescado Affair

miniDV - 5 minutes

Music by Lou Ferreri.


The Pescado Affair was made by Andrea Specht and Gregory Graham for the 2008 48-Hour Film Project in Minneapolis.


miniDV - 11 minutes

Story by Luis Arturo Ramos. Narration by Mac Carlton.

Music by Yo La Tengo.


A boy is showing off a trick done from a rope swing into a river. The trick goes wrong.


miniDV - 30 minutes

Screenplay by Emily Bevan.

Music by Romp Almighty.


Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay, meet Linda Gossett, America’s next celebrity chef.

Cooktime is the story of a Southwestern restauranteur who wins awards for her no-

nonsense style.

Does she have what it takes to make it on camera?



miniDV - unknown length


Monitors is a work in progress.

It will eventually consist of three parts. This is the yet-to-be-finished Part !.